Report: Police in Brazil kill a black person every 4 hours

Honey Gupta
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In Brazil, a recent report showed that police killed more than one black person every four hours last year, and most of these victims were black or mixed-race. Out of the 2,770 people who died in police operations, 87 percent were black or mixed-race, even though they make up only 56 percent of the country’s population. This highlights a big problem with the way the police operate, and it’s seen as violent and racist.

The report says that much of this violence happens in poor areas, called favelas, where the police often have clashes with armed drug gangs. The police also face violence, and black officers are more likely to be victims. Even though black people make up 37 percent of the police, they represent 52 percent of police officers who are killed.

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This situation is worse than in the United States, where there were 312 black people killed by police in 2022. In the US, black people make up 13 percent of the population, but they accounted for 26 percent of those killed by police. This issue of racism and police violence is a big concern in both countries.

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