Sanitation Strike Plunges Visakhapatnam into Smoke Pollution Crisis

Sonali Saha
3 Min Read

Visakhapatnam, India – The picturesque city of Visakhapatnam finds itself enveloped in a dense cloud of black smoke, a direct consequence of the ongoing sanitation workers’ statewide strike. The harrowing scenes of smoke pollution have inflicted significant distress upon the city’s residents, triggering respiratory issues primarily among the vulnerable demographics of the elderly and children.

The relentless strike has caused an accumulation of garbage, turning residential areas into breeding grounds for stench and health hazards. Dustbins within apartments and housing societies have reached their brim, emitting foul odors that have become intolerable for the inhabitants.

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Desperate times call for desperate measures, compelling apartment management committees to take matters into their own hands. Resorting to collective action, these committees have initiated fundraising efforts among residents to alleviate the burgeoning garbage crisis. Funds raised are utilized to hire private individuals tasked with the arduous duty of clearing the piled-up waste from the premises.

“We have two big dustbins for 22 flats. They are overflowing, emitting unbearable stenches. With collective efforts and funds, we managed to hire individuals to remove the garbage from our compound,” revealed Mani, a resident of Niharika Avenue.

However, the ripple effect of this makeshift solution has triggered another grave concern. Private individuals, laden with the collected garbage from apartments and housing societies, have resorted to setting ablaze these heaps of waste. This impromptu incineration process has led to the proliferation of black smoke billowing across the cityscape, contributing to a hazardous atmospheric condition.

The repercussions of this smoke pollution are dire, especially for vulnerable segments of the population. Respiratory complications are surfacing among the elderly and children, exacerbating health challenges in an already strained environment.

In the absence of an effective waste disposal mechanism due to the ongoing strike, the sight of burning garbage has become distressingly common on Visakhapatnam’s streets. This crisis demands immediate attention and resolution to prevent further health hazards and environmental degradation.

Authorities are urged to intervene promptly, seeking a viable solution to the protracted sanitation workers’ strike and implementing effective waste management strategies to mitigate the escalating health risks posed by the rampant smoke pollution. Until then, the citizens of Visakhapatnam remain caught in the grip of this perilous situation, grappling with the repercussions of a crisis born out of a prolonged standoff.

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