Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Panday made 5 surprising revelations on Koffee With Karan 8

Sonali Saha
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Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Panday spilled the beans about their personal and professional lives on the latest episode of ‘Koffee With Karan Season 8.’ The show, featuring close friends, delved into their relationships, careers, and how they handle setbacks.

One interesting revelation was about a common ex-boyfriend, Kartik Aaryan. Karan Johar asked Sara about being friends with her ex-boyfriend, shedding light on their past connections.

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“I don’t want to say that it’s all easy, because then it comes across as a little more frivolous than it is. It isn’t always easy. When you are involved with anybody, whether it’s friends, professionally, or romantically, especially if I am, I get involved and invested. It is not like, ‘Oh yeah, it doesn’t really matter, whatever it’s today, whatever it’s tomorrow’. It’s not like that. It does affect you. But ultimately you have to rise beyond that,” Sara said.

Are Ananya Panday and Aditya Roy Kapur dating? Yes, they are! Although Ananya didn’t explicitly confirm the relationship, she dropped subtle hints indicating that they are indeed a couple. Sara also hinted at their connection.

When Karan Johar asked if she was in the ‘friend zone’ with Aditya Roy Kapur, Ananya tried to avoid the question by saying, ‘Not friends. We’re friends.’ However, Karan continued and said, ‘Pyaar dosti hai’ (Love is friendship). Ananya then added, ‘Best friends, we are really good friends,’ as she wrapped up the conversation.

Karan Johar asked Sara and Ananya about a guy named Orry often spotted at Bollywood parties. However, both couldn’t give a clear answer about his job. Sara mentioned Orry is “working on himself,” and Ananya called him “loved but misunderstood.”

Sara is often seen with regular bags at airports, and some people think it makes her relatable, while others think it’s not genuine. Sara addressed this by saying she does have designer bags and shoes but doesn’t believe in wearing designer clothes, finding it a bit ridiculous. She clarified that she doesn’t aim to be relatable but doesn’t want to appear lazy or unkempt.

Regarding rumors about dating cricketer Shubman Gill, Sara Ali Khan denied being the Sara he is dating. She humorously commented that the whole world seems to have misunderstood. However, she avoided answering Karan Johar’s question about whether Shubman Gill is dating Sara Tendulkar.

The episode provided a candid look into the lives of Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Panday, offering fans a closer glimpse into the personalities of these Bollywood actors.

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