Scuba Divers Submerge Lord Rama’s Portrait 22ft Underwater at Vizag’s Rushikonda Beach

Sonali Saha
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Visakhapatnam – In a unique display of devotion and celebration, scuba divers from Live In Adventures have undertaken a remarkable initiative by installing a breathtaking 22ft portrait of Lord Rama beneath the waves at Rushikonda Beach in Vizag. This underwater spectacle serves as a symbolic tribute to mark the consecration of the Ayodhya Mandir, creating an unforgettable fusion of spirituality and adventure.

Under the clear blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, the scuba divers meticulously placed the majestic portrait of Lord Rama, creating an ethereal underwater shrine. The submerged display aims to convey a message of reverence and joy, blending the spiritual significance of Ayodhya Mandir’s consecration with the excitement of underwater exploration.

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Live In Adventures, known for their innovative approach to adventure activities, orchestrated this initiative to bring a touch of divine celebration to the coastal city of Visakhapatnam. The 22ft portrait is strategically positioned to allow both scuba divers and snorkelers to witness and experience the unique underwater tribute to Lord Rama.

The unveiling of the underwater portrait coincides with the auspicious events surrounding the Ayodhya Mandir, adding a distinctive coastal charm to the nationwide celebrations. Devotees and adventure enthusiasts alike are expected to flock to Rushikonda Beach to witness this fusion of spirituality and underwater artistry.

The founder of Live In Adventures, expressed the inspiration behind this novel initiative, stating, “We wanted to create an unconventional yet deeply meaningful tribute to Lord Rama and the consecration of Ayodhya Mandir. Submerging His portrait underwater symbolizes the depths of devotion and echoes the harmony between nature, spirituality, and adventure.”

Local authorities and environmental agencies have supported the initiative, ensuring that the installation adheres to all ecological guidelines and does not disturb marine life. The underwater shrine is expected to remain in place for a specified duration, allowing locals and tourists to partake in this extraordinary convergence of faith and adventure.

As news of the submerged portrait spreads, anticipation grows for the influx of visitors eager to witness this immersive display of devotion beneath the waves. The Rushikonda Beach underwater shrine stands as a testament to the creativity and dedication of Live In Adventures in bringing together diverse elements for a celebration that resonates both spiritually and visually.

This underwater tribute at Vizag’s Rushikonda Beach not only adds a new dimension to the festivities surrounding the Ayodhya Mandir but also positions the city as a destination that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, inviting people to explore the depths of faith and adventure simultaneously.

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