Security Boosted for Maha Shivaratri Celebrations in Vizag

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massive shivalingas at beach road

As Maha Shivaratri approaches, Vizag gears up for a night of devotion and celebration. The festival, marking the celestial union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, draws thousands of devotees to the city’s beaches for a sacred dip in the early morning hours. This year, the festivities will take place from Friday, March 8th, at 9:57 pm, until Saturday, March 9th, at 6:17 pm.

To ensure the safety and comfort of all devotees, city authorities, led by Dr. A Ravi Shankar, IPS, personally inspected security arrangements at various coastal areas. Among the popular spots for the holy bath are RK Beach, Rushikonda, Bheemili, Yarada, and Appikonda. A signature event at RK Beach, the Sahasra Koti Lingaabhishekam, where a significant Shivalingam worth Rs 1 Crore is set up, adds to the fervor.

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The police have taken several measures to facilitate a smooth and secure experience for devotees. Extra attention is being paid to RK Beach and Appikonda Beach, which attract large crowds. A dedicated police outpost has been established to monitor rip currents and provide warnings to beachgoers in case of emergencies.

The Commissioner assured the public that police personnel would be readily available through these outposts, reaffirming their commitment to preventing any loss of life or property damage during the celebrations. Additionally, beach patrol vehicles will be active to ensure that caution is being observed.

As devotees prepare to immerse themselves in the spiritual ambiance of Maha Shivaratri, they can rest assured that authorities are working diligently to ensure their safety and security throughout the festivities. With these measures in place, everyone can participate in the celebration with peace of mind.

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