Self-Help Groups Encouraged to Harness Government Schemes for Socio-Economic Development

Honey Gupta
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Self-Help Groups

Visakhapatnam: Prime Minister’s additional secretary, Atish Chandra, emphasized the pivotal role of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in fostering the realization of socio-economic development among women. Chairing a meeting with various SHGs at the Priyadarshini community hall, Atish urged the groups to capitalize on the diverse schemes provided by the government to facilitate their progress.

“The government is diligently working in mission mode, aiming to organize economically disadvantaged women into self-help groups. These groups serve as continuous support systems, enabling women to engage in economic activities. The ultimate goal is to facilitate a significant increase in income over time, thereby enhancing the quality of life and helping women break free from the shackles of abject poverty,” stated Atish.

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Highlighting the importance of awareness, the additional secretary urged every SHG and its members to familiarize themselves with government schemes. He stressed the need for comprehensive knowledge about the benefits offered by these schemes, particularly in the context of women’s empowerment.

The government’s commitment to uplifting women through SHGs reflects a broader mission to bring about positive socio-economic changes. By actively participating in economic activities, women are envisioned to achieve financial independence and an improved standard of living. As SHGs continue to play a vital role in this transformative process, the encouragement from the additional secretary aims to fortify their impact on the empowerment of women in the community.

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