Sending astronauts back to the moon is a significant challenge for NASA, according to a report

Sonali Saha
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NASA’s Inspector General released its yearly report for 2023, discussing the challenges NASA faces. It acknowledges NASA’s accomplishments in space exploration since its establishment in 1958, like the Apollo missions, space shuttle, James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), and innovations in aviation. The report also highlights persistent problems like increased costs and project delays affecting various NASA programs, from space missions to scientific exploration.

A key focus of the report is NASA’s plan to send humans back to the moon through the Artemis Program. It also raises concerns about the future retirement of the International Space Station (ISS) by the decade’s end and how this might affect NASA’s efforts to keep a human presence in low Earth orbit.

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The report is broken down into seven different challenges that the OIG has identified as “top challenges” in relation to NASA’s overall mission, NASA Inspector General Paul K. Martin wrote in the report “These seven highlighted challenges are not the only significant issues that confront NASA, and identification of an issue as a top challenge does not denote a lack of attention on the Agency’s part. Rather, most of these issues are long-standing, difficult challenges central to NASA’s core missions and likely will remain top challenges for years to come.”

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