Shocking Twist: Raj Kundra Drops Cryptic Post Hinting at Divorce from Shilpa Shetty! But What’s the Real Story?

Sonali Saha
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“Raj Kundra Drops Bombshell: Is it Over with Shilpa Shetty? The Mysterious Cryptic Post that Stunned the Internet!”

Business mogul Raj Kundra set tongues wagging and the internet on fire when he shared a cryptic message on X (formerly Twitter). In the post that left everyone guessing, Kundra wrote, “We have separated and kindly request you to give us time during this difficult period.”

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The announcement spread like wildfire, with social media users speculating wildly. Some even questioned if it was a mere “promotional stunt.” Kundra further added to the intrigue by posting a screenshot of his message on Instagram Stories.

As the online world buzzed with anticipation, questions about the couple’s future filled the air. But here’s where it gets even more intriguing – the timing. Kundra’s cryptic revelation coincided with the trailer launch of his debut film “UT69,” where he takes the lead role. The film delves into the nearly two months he spent in Mumbai’s notorious Arthur Road Jail.

Remember, Kundra was embroiled in a sensational scandal, facing charges under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in July 2021 for alleged involvement in a pornographic case. He eventually walked out of jail in September.

But what about Shilpa Shetty’s reaction to her husband’s foray into the world of cinema? Kundra spilled the beans during an interview with News18, sharing a candid anecdote. He recounted, “I told her that I have a script and was waiting for her answer. When I turned away from her, a flying chappal came at my face. I think she thought that the idea was a little dicey at first. Maybe she thought that the film wouldn’t get made.”

Kundra went on to reveal Shilpa’s supportive side, recalling her question, “Tu acting kar lega (will you be able to act)?” His response was nothing short of intriguing: “I told her that I will be able to since I have done some method acting by going to jail.”

This jaw-dropping twist in the Kundra-Shetty saga has us all wondering: Is this the end of the road for the power couple, or is there more to the story than meets the eye? Stay tuned for the latest updates on this rollercoaster ride of a story!

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