Software Engineer Arrested in Connection with Suspected Murder of Colleague

Lilu Dhruw
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Software Engineer Arrested in Connection with Suspected Murder of Colleague

The Narsipatnam town police have apprehended software engineer Vasireddy Chandrasekhar on suspicion of his involvement in the untimely demise of 27-year-old software engineer K. Madhuri from Narsipatnam in Anakapalli district. Chandrasekhar, originally from Natavaram in Anakapalli district, was presented before the court and subsequently remanded to judicial custody for 14 days, as confirmed by Town Inspector Kanti Kumar. The police have registered a case under Section 306 of the IPC for murder.

The investigation stems from a complaint lodged by Madhuri’s mother, Ammaji, alleging that Chandrasekhar may have administered poison to her daughter to evade marriage. Reports suggest that Madhuri and Chandrasekhar had a six-year acquaintance while working together in Hyderabad. Following the onset of the pandemic, both individuals transitioned to remote work from their respective homes.

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According to Inspector Kumar, Madhuri checked into a hotel in Visakhapatnam on January 27 and summoned Chandrasekhar to visit her. He reportedly spent two hours with her before departing. Chandrasekhar informed the police that upon learning of Madhuri’s illness, he returned to the hotel room and later dropped her off at her residence. Subsequently, Madhuri’s family members transported her to a hospital in Narsipatnam for treatment. As her condition deteriorated, she was transferred to a corporate hospital on February 1.

The inspector revealed that Chandrasekhar shared a photograph of a pesticide bottle discovered in the Visakhapatnam hotel with Madhuri’s family members. Further investigations will await the results of chemical and forensic analyses to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the case.

The tragic incident underscores the complexities surrounding personal relationships and underscores the importance of thorough investigations to ascertain the truth in such matters.

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