Someone placed rocks near IT Sez to prevent 2 wheelers from skidding

Sonali Saha
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Safety Measures Implemented to Prevent Skidding on IT Park to Beach Route

[Vizag], [19/02/2024] – In a commendable effort to enhance road safety for two-wheelers, an initiative has been taken to place bricks and rocks strategically along the route from the IT Park towards the beach. The specific location is after the VMRDA Row Houses, just at the immediate turn.

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Concerns over skidding incidents prompted this proactive move, as the authorities aim to create a safer environment for motorcyclists navigating this stretch of the road. The placement of bricks and rocks is designed to prevent skidding and ensure a smoother and more secure travel experience.

This safety measure is particularly beneficial for two-wheeler riders, who often face challenges on turns, especially after VMRDA Row Houses. The initiative reflects a community-driven approach to address local road safety issues and protect commuters from potential accidents.

Local authorities are urging residents and commuters to be aware of these safety enhancements and appreciate the collaborative effort to make the roads safer for everyone. While the placement of bricks and rocks may seem like a simple measure, it holds the potential to significantly reduce skidding incidents and contribute to overall road safety.

The authorities encourage feedback from the community to continually improve and adapt these safety measures as needed. Residents and commuters are requested to drive cautiously and be mindful of the changes in the road infrastructure, ensuring a safe and smooth journey for all. Together, these collective efforts contribute to creating a safer and more secure road network for everyone in the community.

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