Drunk-Driving cases in Vizag-Special police officers are on duty to monitor and control

Sonali Saha
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After the car-bike accident near Rushikonda Beach before Radisson Blu Resort one meeting was conducted by City Police Commissioner CM Thrivikrama Varma IPS with the department on Tuesday. During the meeting, the car-bike accident came into the limelight and the officers made some decisions against the drunk and driving cases in Vizag.

An increase in Drunk and Driving cases in Vizag lead to a total fine of about 1.4 crore in 2023

To control the situation Commissioner Varma designated two Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs) as special officers who will patrol at night and check bars and restaurants in the city.

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The CM suggested and made it mandatory to wear a small camera on their body to record everything and also the information about bars and restaurants was collected along with government-operated liquor shops.

CM distributed the responsibilities among special officers as ACP John Prakash was given the task of Patroling the Rushikonda Beachside road at night while the responsibility of checking of bars is given to ACP Rajeev.

These decisions were made when all the officers and traffic police were present on the spot. When the police reported this before the media, the CP urged the public to refrain from driving under the influence of alcohol and called upon parents to ensure the safety of their children while driving.

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