Srikakulam: Quick Police Action Saves Kidnapped Girl in Srikakulam

Sonali Saha
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In a swift and decisive move, the Srikakulam district police managed to apprehend two men accused of kidnapping a five-year-old girl. The suspects, identified as Sankara Rao and S. Krishna Rao, were taken into custody after allegedly snatching the child while she was playing near her home in a village within the Meliaputti Mandal.

The incident unfolded when the distressed mother of the little girl reported the sudden disappearance of her daughter. Acting promptly on the frantic complaint, the police initiated a widespread search operation, determined to locate the missing child.

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The relentless efforts of law enforcement bore fruit when the kidnappers were successfully tracked down. The authorities wasted no time rescuing the girl and reuniting her safely with her relieved family.

The incident sent shockwaves through the local community, emphasizing the importance of remaining vigilant and ensuring the safety of children, especially while they are playing outdoors.

Srikakulam district police have commended the swift action taken by their team, which led to the timely rescue of the abducted child. The perpetrators, Sankara Rao and S. Krishna Rao have been apprehended and will face legal consequences for their alleged involvement in the kidnapping.

The safe return of the little girl has brought a sigh of relief to her family and the entire community, emphasizing the crucial role of prompt police intervention in such distressing situations.

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