Stunning Twist: Rs 100 Crore Cheque Offered to Simachalam Hundi, Sender’s Bank Account Holds Only Rs 22!

Honey Gupta
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An incident unfolded at the Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple in Simhachalam this Wednesday when an undated cheque of 100 crore rupees was found in the temple’s hundi, an offering box for devotees. The temple management was both thrilled and taken aback by this unexpected contribution.

Upon discovering the generous offering, the temple authorities promptly contacted the associated bank to verify the legitimacy of the cheque. To their surprise, the bank confirmed that the account in question held a balance of only 22 rupees, quite a disparity from the substantial amount mentioned on the cheque.

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The cheque, issued by a confident Boddepalli Radha Krishna and drawn on Kotak Mahindra Bank, caught the attention of the temple authorities due to its lack of a date and some evident corrections. Investigations revealed that the devotee behind the offering maintained an account at the Kotak Mahindra Bank branch in MVP Colony. However, the temple officials remained uncertain about the motives and mental state of the devotees, as well as their underlying intentions.

Ramana Murthy, the assistant executive officer (AEO) of the Simhachalam temple, commented on the situation, stating that as the devotee had not taken any loan from the temple and was voluntarily offering money, this instance should not be treated as a typical case of a bounced cheque. He added that devotees usually include the date and their signature when contributing cheques, but in this case, no date was provided.

During the most recent hundi counting on Wednesday, the Simhachalam temple collected a total of 1.79 crore rupees over the course of the past 16 days. This sum encompassed a variety of offerings, including a noteworthy amount of 10 lakh coins. Additionally, the hundi yielded about 79.980 grams of gold and 10.100 kilograms of silver, all heartfelt tokens of devotion from the temple’s devotees.

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