Successful Night Raids in Vizag- Seized Ganja, gold, silver, liquor etc Worth 7 Crore

Sonali Saha
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In a series of commendable operations, the Visakhapatnam police conducted night raids at various locations across the city, resulting in significant seizures of illegal items. The crackdown, aimed at curbing unlawful activities, led to the confiscation of a substantial amount of contraband and valuables.

The police reported a successful operation that yielded 10 kilograms of ganja, emphasizing their commitment to tackling the issue of illicit substances within the community. Additionally, authorities seized a substantial 13.5 kilograms of gold and an equivalent amount of silver, raising concerns about the potential involvement of these valuables in unlawful activities.

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Financial gains from illegal ventures were also targeted, as the raids resulted in the confiscation of ₹8.79 lakh in cash. This move aims to disrupt the financial networks supporting illicit operations and discourage such activities in the future.

The police operation extended to the realm of public safety, with the seizure of six bottles of liquor, highlighting the authorities’ efforts to maintain law and order in the city. Furthermore, a significant quantity of 800 kilograms of PDS rice, meant for public distribution, was recovered, preventing potential misuse and ensuring the intended beneficiaries receive their entitlements.

The total value of the seized goods is estimated to be around ₹7 crores, showcasing the magnitude of the operation’s success. Residents of Visakhapatnam have expressed relief and appreciation for the diligent efforts of the police in upholding the safety and security of the community.

The police have assured that investigations are ongoing to identify those responsible for these illegal activities, and stringent action will be taken in accordance with the law. The raids serve as a stern reminder that the authorities remain vigilant in their pursuit of maintaining a lawful and secure environment for the residents of Visakhapatnam.

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