Suniel Shetty Expresses Concern over Trolling of Son-in-law KL Rahul: “It Hurts Me 100 Times More”

Sonali Saha
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Suniel Shetty Expresses Concern over Trolling of Son-in-law KL Rahul: “It Hurts Me 100 Times More”

Bollywood Actor Shares Emotional Response to Criticism Faced by Cricketer KL Rahul

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Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty has opened up about the distress he feels when his son-in-law, Indian cricketer KL Rahul, faces trolling and criticism. The veteran actor expressed that the hurt he experiences due to the online negativity aimed at Rahul is significantly more profound than it would affect the cricketer or his daughter, Athiya.

Shetty revealed the emotional toll the trolling takes on him, stating, “It hurts me 100 times more than it would hurt Rahul or Athiya.” Despite the trolling, Rahul maintains a resilient attitude, assuring his father-in-law, “Dad, my bat will talk,” whenever confronted with such situations.

Speaking about his anxiety during Rahul’s cricket matches, Shetty candidly admitted, “I am anxious whenever he is playing. It’s my child playing.” His attachment and protective instinct toward Rahul reflect the depth of his concern for the cricketer’s well-being amidst the pressures of professional sports and social media scrutiny.

The seasoned actor also emphasized his support for Rahul during these challenging moments, standing by his son-in-law’s side through the highs and lows of his cricketing career. Shetty’s poignant statements shed light on the personal impact of online criticism on not just the individual targeted but also their close family members.

Trolling in the realm of sports and entertainment has become increasingly prevalent, affecting not only the public figures directly but also their families. Shetty’s heartfelt admission serves as a reminder of the human side often overlooked amidst the virtual sphere’s negativity.

As Suniel Shetty continues to vocalize his unwavering support for KL Rahul, his statements resonate with many who understand the toll that online criticism can have on personal relationships and mental well-being.

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