Sushmita Sen Returns in Aarya Season 3: A Mother’s Fury Unleashed

Honey Gupta
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AspectReview of Aarya Season 3
CastSushmita Sen, Indranil Sengupta, Ila Arun, Vikas Kumar, Vishwajeet Pradhan, etc.
DirectorsKapil Sharma, Shraddha Pasi Jayarath, Ram Madhvani
CreatorsAmit Madhvani, Ram Madhvani, Endemol Shine India
OTT PlatformDisney Plus Hotstar
Release DateNovember 3, 2023

Overview: Aarya Season 3 takes an unexpected turn as it showcases Sushmita Sen, known for her grace and beauty, in a role one would never have imagined – that of a don. This foreign web series created by Ram Madhvani presents a desi world where Sushmita’s character, Arya Sareen, engages in activities typically associated with movie villains in Hindi cinema. She outsmarts the police, keeps her detective in the dark, and consistently stays ahead of ACP Khan, all while being monitored by the Russian mafia and facing a new player in the game.

Plot: In this season, Arya’s family faces even more challenges. Her son’s actions lead to unexpected consequences, and her business is entangled in a precarious situation, much like the parrot in a story. Suraj is on a quest for vengeance, and Arya’s daughter’s story begins to unfold, unbeknownst to her that the person she’s dedicated her life to has become her mother’s enemy.

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Aarya Season 3


  • A Stellar Lead: Sushmita Sen’s commanding presence as Arya is the heart of the series. Her character, despite being a crime lord, portrays a mother’s vulnerability as she strives to protect her children. Her performance draws strength from her personal experiences, making her character relatable.
  • Supporting Cast: While Sushmita shines, the supporting cast has limited opportunities to stand out. Indranil Sen Gupta and Ila Arun inject fresh energy into the story. Vikas Kumar’s character, ACP Khan, has yet to fully develop.
  • Background Music: The series falters in its background music, with incoherent Sanskrit verses that do not enhance the viewing experience. However, the cinematography is impressive, especially in scenes featuring Sushmita Sen. The costumes and styling are well done, particularly Ila Arun’s look.
  • Intriguing Story: The first four episodes set the stage for an intriguing story with twists and turns, leaving viewers curious to see how the season unfolds.

Verdict: Aarya Season 3 offers a unique portrayal of Sushmita Sen as a powerful yet vulnerable crime lord. While the background music falls short, the strong lead performance and an engaging plot make it a series worth watching.

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