Tamil Nadu Couple Seeks YouTuber’s Help, Spends 22 Days on Visakhapatnam Streets

Lilu Dhruw
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Tamil Nadu Couple Seeks YouTuber's Help, Spends 22 Days on Visakhapatnam Streets

A couple from Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, has captured attention by spending the last 22 days living on the streets of Visakhapatnam, hoping for assistance from a YouTuber named Sai Harsha. R. Radha and her husband Raj Kumar have been staying near the bus stand close to Kailasgiri at night and spending their days on the roadside near Tenneti Park, holding a sign pleading for help from Sai Harsha.

Their story unfolded when Radha revealed to Vizag Tales that they were grappling with a debt of ₹20 lakh, which they had taken for their daughter’s wedding expenses. After stumbling upon a video of Sai Harsha helping people in need, they decided to seek his assistance, believing he could alleviate their financial burden.

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Their journey to find Sai Harsha led them from Tirupur to Hyderabad, then to Vizianagaram, before finally reaching Visakhapatnam. Sai Harsha, initially known for sharing videos of his gym workouts and training sessions on social media, has transitioned to providing financial aid to those in need through his YouTube and Instagram platforms. Interestingly, he conceals his identity while extending assistance and operates through a team known as HMG Harsha Crew.

Sai Harsha’s social media accounts are filled with numerous instances of donations, often amounting to lakhs of rupees, sparking questions about the source of his substantial funds. While his altruistic actions have garnered praise, they have also left many curious about his financial background and how he manages to provide such significant financial assistance to those in need.

As Radha and Raj Kumar continue their wait in Visakhapatnam, their story sheds light on the lengths people go to seek help in times of financial distress, highlighting the impact of social media influencers like Sai Harsha in aiding those in need.

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