TDP Leader Nara Lokesh Arrives in Vizag for Political Tour

Sonali Saha
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Visakhapatnam: TDP leader Nara Lokesh received a warm welcome upon his arrival at the Visakhapatnam airport as he began his visit to Uttarandhra district. The leader is scheduled to travel to Ichhapuram in Srikakulam District, marking the commencement of his political tour named ‘Sankharavam’ across various constituencies in Uttarandhra.

Nara Lokesh’s presence generated excitement among party supporters and locals, who gathered at the airport to extend a warm welcome. The leader’s decision to initiate the ‘Sankharavam’ tour underscores the TDP’s focus on connecting with the people ahead of the anticipated Andhra Pradesh Elections in 2024.

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Starting from tomorrow, Nara Lokesh is set to embark on tours in different constituencies within Uttarandhra district, engaging with residents and understanding their concerns. The tour is aimed at strengthening the party’s presence in the region and gathering insights into the aspirations of the local community.

The ‘Sankharavam’ tour is expected to be a significant outreach effort for the TDP as it gears up for the upcoming elections. Nara Lokesh’s presence in Uttarandhra district signals a strategic move to connect with voters, understand their needs, and present the party’s vision for the region’s development.

As the political tour unfolds, residents of Uttarandhra eagerly anticipate the engagement with Nara Lokesh, hopeful that the initiative will pave the way for meaningful dialogue and constructive collaborations between the TDP and the local community in the run-up to the 2024 elections.

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