TDP Turns to Prashant Kishore as YSRCP Gains Momentum Ahead of Elections

Sonali Saha
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As the impending elections draw nearer, a sense of apprehension looms over the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), evident in their quest for electoral support. Despite various efforts such as Lokesh Padayatra, Chandrababu’s alliances, and even seeking an alliance with Pawan Kalyan, victory seems elusive for the TDP, as indicated by prevailing surveys.

Amidst this challenging landscape, TDP’s leadership, including Chandrababu’s family, turned to the acclaimed election strategist, Prashant Kishore, seeking counsel to navigate through this crucial electoral juncture. The TDP, desperate to alter their electoral trajectory, humbly requested Prashant Kishore’s guidance, setting aside past conflicts marked by contentious remarks aimed at him.

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Sources within the TDP revealed their earnest plea for dialogue, resulting in Prashant Kishore’s visit to Vijayawada via a special flight, accompanying Lokesh, on Saturday (December 23). Discussions ensued between the TDP and Prashant Kishore during this meeting.

Prashant Kishore, concurrently engaged in a 3,000-kilometer political journey in Bihar, received indications from close associates that he might consider pausing this padayatra to heed the TDP’s appeal. However, an intriguing development arises from his association with the YSRCP-backed IPAC (Indian Political Action Committee) in the 2019 elections and continuing into the 2024 elections. Questions loom over whether Prashant Kishore would work in contradiction to IPAC’s objectives.

In the midst of these developments, internal turmoil within the TDP has compounded. Allegedly, Robin Sharma, associated with the party, faced challenges following interactions with Prashant Kishore, further accentuating discord within the TDP.

Contrarily, YS Jagan has adopted a different approach, not solely relying on strategists. In addition to strategists, he bolstered the party with an auxiliary force of volunteers and householders. Notably, CM Jagan’s administration claims an 84 percent reach among families through various government welfare schemes, augmenting his support base.

The ongoing dynamics within the TDP, including their outreach to Prashant Kishore for strategic guidance, juxtaposed with YS Jagan’s multifaceted approach, shape the evolving political landscape in the run-up to the impending elections.

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