Telugu Desam Party’s Nara Lokesh Engages with Villagers, Highlights Concerns During Yuvagalam Padayatra

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Telugu Desam Party's Nara Lokesh Engages with Villagers, Highlights Concerns During Yuvagalam Padayatra

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) National General Secretary, Nara Lokesh, entered the 223rd day of his Yuvagalam Padayatra, a mass outreach program aimed at connecting with diverse communities across the state. On Friday, Lokesh delved into face-to-face meetings with fishermen and representatives from the Koppula Velama community in Veduruvada.

Earlier in the day, Lokesh turned his attention to the concerns raised by Gorle Dharmavaram villagers in the Yalamanchili Constituency. A joint petition submitted by the villagers and Lokesh covered a spectrum of issues, sparking a dialogue on challenges faced by the community.

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Expressing his views, Nara Lokesh asserted, “Panchayat funds have been neglected for development since the YSRCP assumed power. Illegal cases are being filed against villagers, with authorities taking adversarial measures.” He went on to highlight a perceived lack of developmental programs in villages over the past four years, attributing it to alleged political affiliations hindering progress.

One of the focal points of Lokesh’s address was the claim of land acquisition without compensation in JSR Jagananna Colony development, further stating that YSRCP leaders unjustly removed MGNREGA field workers and manipulated hiring processes in the state.

Accusations of corruption within local institutions under Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy’s administration took center stage. Lokesh alleged embezzlement of Rs. nine thousand crores allocated to the 14th and 15th financial union panchayats, citing implications of fund mismanagement affecting essential services such as chilli distribution for bleaching.

Undeterred, Lokesh committed to applying pressure on the government to clear the debts of the poor. Additionally, he pledged to allocate additional funds for rural infrastructure development upon returning to power, drawing attention to TDP’s past achievements in Cement Concrete (CC) roads and LED street lights.

The ongoing Yuvagalam Padayatra reflects Lokesh’s commitment to engaging with various sections of the population in the state. According to TDP, the initiative aims to spotlight the alleged failures of the state government in addressing issues faced by students, farmers, and unemployment. The interactions between Lokesh and local communities underscore the importance of open dialogue in addressing concerns and shaping the future of Andhra Pradesh.

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