The history of November 21st of Bharat

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India’s First Postage Stamp ‘Jai Hind’ Released, Priced at Three and a Half Anna.

New Delhi, November 20 (Language): After India gained independence on August 15, 1947, the government of independent India issued its first postage stamp, priced at three and a half annas. Named ‘Jai Hind,’ this postage stamp featured a waving tricolor intermittently, while its price was indicated as three and a half annas in English.

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Below the tricolor was written ‘India,’ and the date August 15, 1947, was depicted beside the flag. Although this postage stamp appeared to be a small piece of blue paper, it was indeed the first signature of history for independent India, signifying the victory of India’s independence in front of the whole world.

Speaking of other events on November 21st in history:

1517: Demise of Delhi’s ruler Sikandar Lodhi.

1872: Birth of poet and freedom fighter Kesari Singh Barahat.

1921: The Prince of Wales (later known as King Edward VIII) arrived in Bombay, and the Indian National Congress observed a nationwide strike.

1939: Birth of Mulayam Singh Yadav, founder of the Samajwadi Party and former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

1941: Birth of Anandiben Patel, the first female Chief Minister of Gujarat.

1947: After independence, the first Indian postage stamp, priced at three and a half annas, named ‘Jai Hind,’ was released.

1962: China declared a ceasefire in the India-China border conflict.

1963: The commencement of India’s space program with the launch of the first rocket from Thumba in Kerala.

1970: Demise of Indian physicist C. V. Raman.

2005: Ratnasiri Wickremanayake became Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister for the second time.

2019: Mahinda Rajapaksa took oath as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka for the third time.

2019: Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg was honored with the International Children’s Peace Prize for her fight against climate change.

2021: Renowned Punjabi singer Gurmeet Bawa passed away at the age of 77.

2021: Indian para-badminton player Sukant Kadam won the gold medal at the Uganda Para-Badminton International Tournament, while Pramod Bhagat secured three silver medals.

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