The world of Rangarayudu’s viswaroopam “Thug Life”- Kamal Haasan

Sonali Saha
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Kamal Haasan, who made a triumphant return in the guise of Vikram last year, has now enthralled audiences by revealing the unseen victory that has evaded him for many years—’Thug Life.’ Not only did he achieve what seemed impossible in Telugu, but Kamal’s fans were elated by this accomplishment. Now, after three decades of contentment, the director, along with Mani Ratnam, has not only managed to attract attention to their collaboration quickly but also specially released a three-minute video teaser related to it.

Even though the story remains undisclosed, Kamal has revealed some crucial clues about his character in the movies. His character is named Rangaray Sattivel Nayakan. Just by glimpsing the poster, the viewers can grasp the character’s distinctive nature, giving them goosebumps. Episodes in which Rangarayudu confronts a group of smiley faces with his back turned, exuding indifference, are suggested to hold a personal conversation. The story background unfolds either in an ancient era or not exactly in the present time, which is yet to be revealed or suggested as a period drama.

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The major highlight lies solely in A.R. Rahman’s background score. It brought a different feeling after a long gap in his style since the last feeling he offered as a BMW. However, ‘Thug Life’ just has a variety. This signals a hint to ordinary people around the professional world experiencing ripples and waves in life. And Mani Ratnam’s choice of an English name for his style has surprised many. It makes sense for the pan-India audience. Kamal Haasan’s 234th film ‘Thug Life’ includes Trisha, Dulquer Salman, and Jayam Ravi along with a substantial ensemble cast.

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