New & Unique Things to do in Rushikonda Beach in 2023

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Vizag is a special place in India because it has some really beautiful beaches. Most parts of India don’t have beaches, so people love visiting Vizag for this reason. Two famous beaches there are Rushikonda Beach and RK Beach.

Beaches are cool because you can enjoy the pretty view, eat yummy food, and relax your mind. When you watch the waves at the beach, it can make you feel calm and happy. Lots of people come to Vizag as tourists to see these beaches and have a good time. They even stay in hotels near the beach to enjoy the view and feel the beachy vibes.

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In this article, we will cover some unique things to do in Rushikonda Beach that most tourists are not aware of, So read till the end to know every bit of it.

Things to do in Rhushikonda Beach are as follows-

Scuba Diving

Rushikonda Beach is not just about what you see above the water; it’s about the amazing stuff below too! You can put on a scuba suit, like a special underwater suit, and dive into the sea. It’s like becoming a fish and seeing all the other fish, cool corals, and beautiful underwater creatures that live in the Bay of Bengal. It’s like going on an adventure under the sea!

But if you’d rather stay on the surface and still see the underwater world, you can try snorkeling. It’s like looking at everything from the top of the water with a special mask and tube.

For scuba diving, it costs Rs. 4500, and for snorkeling, it’s Rs. 1500. So, you have options to choose how you want to explore the underwater wonders!

You can pre-book and check more details here.

Trying Various Foods

Things to do in Rushikonda Beach in 2023

As a tourist, you can experience a wide variety of food to eat here that includes- sweet corn boiled (chili powder and lemon sprinkled), Mango with chili powder( whole year), cucumber with chili powder, maggie (normal maggie, egg maggie, chicken maggie), coconut water, ice-cream, cold coffee, smoke biscuit, kebabs, muri mixture, etc

you should try the maggie here from the local stalls, they are very tasty, spicy, and unique in their way.

Enjoying the beach


Many tourists don’t bathe cause they think the water will be dirty like other beaches but Rushikonda is a blue-flagged beach, it is one of the cleanest beaches in India. Bathing on the beach is a very amazing experience. You would like to stay in the water for more than one hour at least, it gives that much happiness. Go into the water and enjoy when the waves come and hit you you will feel a different kind of pleasure. To enjoy more carry a smiley ball so that you can play catch-catch with your fellow mates. You can bathe anytime in the day except at night. In the morning it feels better on summer days as the time is hotter than morning. After the bath, there are washrooms where you can go and bathe in normal water and change your clothes ( it will cost some money ).

Camel/ Horse Riding

Camel Riding

In the evenings, something really cool happens at these beaches in Vizag. You’ll often see camels there, and you can ride them if you want to. It costs 100 rupees for each person to ride a camel. It’s kind of like a fun adventure, and you might feel like you’re in a desert, just like in the pictures you see on your phone, especially when people do camel riding in places like Rajasthan.

But guess what? It’s not just camels! You can also go horseback riding at the beach. So, it’s like having two awesome adventures in one place. You can choose whether you want to ride a camel or a horse and have a great time pretending you’re in a desert, even though you’re at the beach!

Speed Boating/ jet ski

Speed Boating

If you want a more relaxed time in the sea, you and your friends can hop on a speedboat. You’ll get to enjoy the view all around while feeling the water spray on your hands. It costs Rs. 200, and you can do this between 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Now, let’s talk about something super fun – Jet Ski! No matter which beach you’re at, Jet Ski is always a hit. At Rushikonda Beach, you can try it too! You sit behind an expert driver, and the cool seawater splashes on you. It’s a blast! This also costs Rs. 200, and you can do it from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.



Guess what? You can also go surfing at Rushikonda Beach! To get started, you have to head to the beach early in the morning to get all the things you need for surfing. Don’t worry; there will be an expert there to teach you how it all works.

Here’s how it goes: At first, they’ll attach a rope to your leg and the surfboard. This way, you won’t get separated from your board while you’re learning. Once you get the hang of how to surf, they’ll take off the rope, and then you can have a great time riding the waves all by yourself! Surfing is such an exciting adventure to enjoy at the beach.

You can pre-book and check more details here.

The Sunrise and Sun Set viewing-

Sun rise and Sun set viewin

Rushikonda Beach has something really special – a stunning sunrise! It happens at around 5:45 in the morning, and it’s just beautiful. What makes it even cooler is the way the beach is shaped. It curves, which means you can see the sunrise from different angles.

You can take a morning walk with your friends along the entire stretch of the beach. Feel the soft sand under your feet as you chat and have fun. It’s a fantastic way to start your day at the beach!

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