Three Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Reported in Vizag (Madhurawada), Andhra Pradesh

Sonali Saha
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On Friday, December 22, 2023, Andhra Pradesh witnessed a rise in confirmed COVID-19 cases, joining the states of Telangana and Kerala in experiencing an increase in infections. The surge emerged as three individuals from Vizag displayed symptoms related to the illness, leading to subsequent testing that confirmed their positive status for the coronavirus.

The affected individuals were swiftly taken to KGH (King George Hospital) following the Health Ministry’s directives, as the state’s health facilities, including KGH and other hospitals in the city, are fully equipped to manage and treat such cases. Out of 24 citizens tested on Friday, three were diagnosed as COVID-19 positive. Symptoms exhibited by these individuals included mild cold, fever, and throat pain.

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The identified COVID-19 positive cases have been traced to the Madhurwada area of Vizag, raising concerns among residents. However, health professionals and authorities have reassured citizens, emphasizing that the current variant is treatable. They urge the public not to panic but remain vigilant and adhere to preventive measures, notably wearing face masks whenever they venture outside.

The doctors and authorities have affirmed that necessary measures are in place to contain the spread and ensure appropriate care for those affected. They emphasize the importance of following safety protocols and seeking immediate medical attention if anyone displays symptoms associated with COVID-19.

While the emergence of these cases is a cause for concern, officials stress the significance of collective responsibility in curbing the transmission of the virus. They advise citizens to stay informed through reliable sources and strictly adhere to precautionary guidelines issued by health authorities to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

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