Three Convicted and Sentenced to Life in 12-Year-Old Arilova Murder Case in Visakhapatnam

Honey Gupta
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In a 12-year-old murder case from June 2011 under the Arilova Police Station in Visakhapatnam, the 11th Additional District Court has issued a judgment. According to the police, the victim, Pandiri Ravi Kumar, had personal conflicts with a group of troublemakers. The accused individuals in this case are T Raghava Raju, K Sai Kumar, A Appala Raju, S Vinay Sampath, Shaik Nagur, V Siva, and M Amarnath.

Ravi Kumar worked as a car driver and had a history of being involved in criminal activities. He associated with other individuals who also had criminal records in various police stations across the city. Ravi frequently had disputes with these individuals over minor matters, escalating the tensions between them. On June 12, 2011, Raghava Raju visited Ravi Kumar’s home and lured him into a trap set by the others. Together, they attacked Ravi, resulting in his immediate death.

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The Arilova Police Station received a complaint from the victim’s family members, prompting an investigation. It has been reported that Raghava Raju remains at large, while K Sai Kumar, S Vinay Sampath, and Shaik Nagur have since passed away. In response, the 11th Additional District Court in Visakhapatnam has handed down a life sentence and reduced the fine for V Siva, Appala Raju, and Amarnath in connection with the murder case.

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