Three Teachers of AP have been Chosen for National Awards (2023-Vizag Latest News)

Sonali Saha
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Three teachers of AP -Andhra Pradesh have been chosen to receive special awards for being really great teachers. These awards are given by the government’s education ministry. The teachers are M Bhaskara Rao from Nellore district, Dr M Uma Gandhi from Visakhapatnam, and Settem Anjaneyulu from Annamayya.

These teachers are getting the awards because they have come up with really cool ways to teach and have been super helpful to their students. Each award comes with a certificate, some money (50,000 rupees), and a shiny medal. They will get these awards on September 5th, which is also Teachers’ Day, from the President of the country in New Delhi.

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Uma Gandhi, who teaches at a school in Visakhapatnam, has a special way of teaching that includes things like yoga, dance, and meditation. She believes this makes learning more fun and less stressful for her students. Bhaskara Rao, who is the headmaster of a school in Nellore, teaches his students even though he uses a wheelchair because he is physically disabled. He also collected a lot of money from donors to help improve the school and provide things like notebooks for the students.

Anjaneyulu, who teaches in Rayachoti, is also getting an award. Everyone at his school is happy for him.

The government gives these awards to teachers to show that they are doing a really important job and making a big difference in students’ lives.

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