Top 10 films and shows that broke stereotypes

Jahnavi Konatham
3 Min Read

Breaking stereotypes involves challenging traditional norms, roles, and expectations in society, and both films and television shows have played significant roles in this arena. Here’s a list that includes both films and shows known for pushing boundaries and breaking stereotypes across various dimensions, including gender, race, sexuality, and more. Please note that the impact and reception of these works can vary widely among different audiences and cultures.



  1. Moonlight (2016) – This film breaks stereotypes by exploring black masculinity, sexuality, and vulnerability, diverging from the often stereotypical portrayals of black men in cinema

2. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) – With strong feminist themes, this action film challenges traditional gender roles and showcases women fighting back against oppression.

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3. Parasite (2019) – Bong Joon-ho’s masterpiece challenges class stereotypes and the social hierarchy, providing commentary on the deep divides between the wealthy and the poor.

4.Hidden Figures (2016) – Celebrating the overlooked contributions of black women mathematicians at NASA during the Space Race, this film challenges stereotypes about race and gender in science and technology.

5. Get Out (2017) – Jordan Peele’s horror film cleverly addresses racism and stereotypes about black people in America, using the horror genre to explore deep societal issues.

6. The Shape of Water (2017) – Guillermo del Toro’s film breaks stereotypes by centering a romance between a mute cleaning lady and a misunderstood aquatic creature, challenging norms about communication, love, and beauty.

7. Brokeback Mountain (2005) – This film was groundbreaking in its portrayal of a romantic relationship between two men in the conservative setting of the American West, challenging stereotypes about masculinity and sexuality.

8.Persepolis (2007) – An animated film based on Marjane Satrapi’s autobiographical graphic novel, offering a nuanced view of life in Iran and challenging Western stereotypes about Iranian society.


  1. Orange Is the New Black (2013-2019) – This show broke new ground by featuring a diverse cast of women from various backgrounds, focusing on their lives and stories, and addressing issues of race, sexuality, gender identity, and the criminal justice system.
  2. Pose (2018-2021) – Featuring the largest cast of transgender actors in series regular roles, and centering on New York’s African-American and Latino LGBTQ and gender-nonconforming ballroom culture scene of the 1980s and ’90s, this show broke significant ground in representation and storytelling.

These films and shows have been celebrated for their innovative storytelling and their willingness to confront and challenge stereotypes head-on, contributing to broader conversations about diversity, representation, and inclusivity in media.

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