Tourists Lodge Complaints Over High Prices Charged by Vendors in Vizag

Honey Gupta
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Tourists Lodge Complaints Over High Prices Charged by Vendors in Vizag

Tourists visiting Visakhapatnam have registered complaints against vendors in the city for allegedly charging exorbitant prices. The grievances stem from the perception that certain vendors are collecting higher amounts than the specified maximum retail prices (MRP), causing dissatisfaction among the visitors.

The concerns raised by tourists highlight a growing issue that impacts the overall experience of exploring Visakhapatnam’s popular destinations, such as R.K. Beach, Rushikonda, Kailasagiri Hill, Tenneti Park, Bheemli, and Yendada.

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Vendors, in defense of their pricing strategies, argue that the increased costs of operation, including transportation, necessitate adjustments to the prices of their goods. They point to high electricity charges imposed by the Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority (VMRDA) as a significant factor contributing to their decision to raise prices.

The VMRDA, however, denies these claims, with executive engineer (Electrical) Rama Raju asserting that the actual cost of electricity is 13 per unit. He clarified that the electricity is provided to vendors at a rate of 12 per unit, prompting questions about the validity of vendors’ justifications for charging elevated prices.

The dissatisfaction expressed by tourists emphasizes the need for a fair and transparent pricing system, ensuring that visitors can enjoy their time in Visakhapatnam without feeling exploited by local vendors. The issue raises broader questions about the responsibility of both vendors and authorities in upholding the integrity of the city’s tourism industry.

As Visakhapatnam grapples with these concerns, striking a balance between the financial challenges faced by vendors and the expectations of tourists becomes imperative for sustaining the growth of the tourism sector in the region. It underscores the necessity for a collaborative effort between local authorities and vendors to create an environment that fosters a positive and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

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