Traffic jams in kms near Madhurawada junction due to the arrival of CM Jagan Mohan

Sonali Saha
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Traffic Chaos Grips Madhurawada as CM Jagan’s Visit Causes Gridlock

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Visakhapatnam: The visit of Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy to Visakhapatnam for the closing ceremony of ‘Adudam.. Andhra’ has resulted in severe traffic congestion on the Madhurawada highway. Motorists, students, and employees find themselves in dire straits as kilometers of traffic come to a standstill, highlighting what many perceive as another failure of the police to manage traffic effectively.

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The high-profile visit of CM Jagan to the closing ceremony of ‘Adudam.. Andhra’ has led to a traffic nightmare for those navigating the Madhurawada highway. The gridlock has left commuters frustrated and stranded, with the situation raising questions about the efficiency of traffic management during such events.

Students and employees, trying to reach their destinations, have been particularly affected by the traffic snarl-up. The prolonged delay has sparked concerns about the impact on daily routines and schedules, emphasizing the need for better coordination and planning during VIP movements.

Critics point to this incident as yet another example of the challenges faced by the police in effectively managing traffic during high-profile visits. The frustration among motorists and commuters is palpable, with social media buzzing with complaints about the lack of preparedness and foresight in handling the traffic situation.

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