Tragic Suicide of Ujjain Queer Teen Priyanshu Yadav aka Pranshu Sparks Outcry Against Online Bullying

Honey Gupta
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In a heart-wrenching incident, a 16-year-old queer teen from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, named Priyanshu Yadav, known as Pranshu, tragically took his own life after enduring relentless online bullying and homophobia. The aspiring social media influencer and Class 10 student faced incessant torment on his social media platforms, with trolls hurling homophobic slurs at him for expressing his identity through makeup and sarees.

Pranshu, an emerging makeup artist and content creator with over 15,000 followers on Instagram, became a target for online hate, particularly for his posts showcasing himself in different sarees and makeup styles. The disturbing online abuse eventually led him to succumb to depression, culminating in the devastating act of suicide.

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The incident unfolded on Tuesday when Pranshu, home alone, allegedly hung himself using his mother’s dupatta. The local authorities, currently investigating the circumstances surrounding his death, have seized his mobile phone to gather information from his social media accounts on platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

“While there is no solid basis established behind the suicide yet, we are investigating if there’s a connection between the negative comments he faced for wearing sarees and nail polish in pictures he shared on his social media,” stated Kamal Singh Gehlot, the in-charge of Nagjhiri Police Station.

Pranshu’s story has ignited a wave of grief and anger, particularly within the LGBTQIA+ community. His posts on social media not only showcased his talent but also the challenges faced by individuals who express their gender identity outside societal norms. His last post on November 12, featuring him draped in a red saree for Diwali, attracted a barrage of homophobic comments, reflecting the toxicity that exists in online spaces.

The teenager lived with his single mother, Preeti, a medical representative, after his parents separated three years ago. Preeti was at work when the tragic incident occurred. Pranshu’s untimely death has prompted calls from the LGBTQIA+ community for authorities to address online bullying and hold those responsible accountable.

As the investigation unfolds, Pranshu’s story serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address online hate, discrimination, and bullying, particularly against individuals who belong to marginalized communities. It also highlights the importance of fostering a more inclusive and understanding society that embraces diversity in all its forms.

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