Tragic Train Collision Claims Lives of Daily Laborers and Workers in Andhra Pradesh

Honey Gupta
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Officials in Vizianagaram district have identified the 14 people who tragically lost their lives in a recent train collision near Alamanda. Most of the victims were daily laborers and small-scale workers commuting to Visakhapatnam and its surroundings for employment. Sadly, a patient named M Lakshmi also passed away while receiving treatment at King George Hospital in Visakhapatnam.

Out of these 14 victims, 13 were local residents from the north coastal region of Andhra Pradesh, including four railway employees: the train’s loco pilot and assistant loco pilot, the guard of the Palasa passenger train, and a passenger from Kurnool to Vizianagaram who was traveling for work.

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These trains are commonly used by daily wage laborers returning from Visakhapatnam to their villages. Among the 10 civilian casualties, seven were daily laborers or small workers on their way home from their workplaces.

For instance, Majji Ramu from Gadabavalasa village in Garividi mandal was a construction laborer who traveled on the ill-fated Palasa passenger train. He worked in Visakhapatnam due to a lack of regular employment opportunities in his hometown, and his family, including his wife and two young children, lost their sole breadwinner.

Kanchubaraki Ravi from Jami Mandal, another victim of the accident, was engaged in electrical work in Visakhapatnam, and his parents, wife, and two daughters depended on him.

The collision had a severe impact on the guard coach of the Palasa passenger train and the engine of the Rayagada passenger train, which hit the former from behind. This resulted in the tragic deaths of the loco pilot S Madhusudhana Rao and assistant loco pilot S Chiranjeevi from the Rayagada train, along with the guard of the Palasa train, M Srinivasa Rao.

State Education Minister B Satyanarayana distributed compensation checks to some of the injured patients at GGH, Vizianagaram, and emphasized the government’s commitment to providing compensation to the deceased and injured, amounting to 2.59 crores.

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