Training Sessions Begin for Election Officials in Andhra Pradesh

Lilu Dhruw
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Training Sessions Begin for Election Officials in Andhra Pradesh

As the forthcoming elections draw near, state chief electoral officer Mukesh Kumar Meena has stressed the importance of election officials being well-versed in the conduct of general elections. Despite their prior electoral experience, new guidelines issued by the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) for the upcoming election necessitate comprehensive training.

To address this need, 1,000 assistant returning officers (AROs) across Andhra Pradesh (AP) are currently undergoing training in three phases. The inaugural session of the training programme for Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly elections commenced on Monday at the AU Chemical Engineering Block, under the guidance of state chief electoral officer Mukesh Kumar Meena.

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The training is being conducted simultaneously in Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, and Tirupati as part of the first phase, with subsequent phases to follow. National-level master trainer Sameer Ahmed John, along with district collector Dr. A. Mallikharjuna, inaugurated the training program.

Mukesh Kumar Meena highlighted the significance of electronic voting machines (EVMs), and voter lists, and trained election officials in ensuring the integrity of the electoral process for the upcoming elections. District collector Dr. A. Mallikharjuna affirmed the preparation of a transparent voter list in compliance with directives from the CEC and the state chief electoral officer.

The comprehensive training of election officials underscores the commitment of authorities to conduct free and fair elections in Andhra Pradesh. With the upcoming polls on the horizon, ensuring that all election officials are adequately trained is essential to uphold the democratic process and ensure the integrity of the electoral system.

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