Transforming Visakhapatnam Port: PM Modi Inaugurates Mechanization Projects and Phase II Extension

Honey Gupta
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Visakhapatnam Port

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a virtual ceremony from New Delhi, inaugurated multiple projects and laid the foundation stones for significant developments at the Visakhapatnam Port Authority. The port is undergoing substantial transformation with a focus on mechanization efforts in collaboration with the Private-Public Partnership (PPP) model.

Notably, the mechanization initiatives are centered around four key berths, namely EQ-7, WQ-7, WQ-8, and WQ-6, entailing an impressive investment of Rs 655 crore. Prime Minister Modi presided over the foundation stone-laying ceremonies for these projects, marking a pivotal moment in the development of the port.

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Furthermore, the inauguration of the Phase II extension at the Visakha Container Terminal was a significant highlight of the event. This project, executed under the DBFOT (Design, Build, Finance, Operate, Transfer) framework, comes at a total cost of Rs 633 crore. The dedication and foundation stone-laying ceremonies took place at the Visakha Container Terminal premises, and they witnessed active participation from a multitude of stakeholders, including officials from the Visakhapatnam Port Authority, employees of Visakha Container Terminal Pvt. Ltd., JM Baxi, Bothra, and of course, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This initiative signifies a major step in the growth and modernization of the Visakhapatnam Port.

Event DescriptionInfoInvestment
Inauguration of projects and laying of foundation stonesVisakhapatnam Port Authority, Virtually from New Delhi
Mechanization projects (Berths EQ-7, WQ-7, WQ-8, WQ-6)Visakhapatnam PortRs 655 crore
Phase II extension of Visakha Container TerminalVisakhapatnam PortRs 633 crore
Project Execution MethodDBFOT (Design, Build, Finance, Operate, Transfer)
Key ParticipantsVisakhapatnam Port Authority officials, Visakha Container Terminal Pvt. Ltd. employees, JM Baxi, Bothra, PM Modi
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