Tribal Villagers Seek Completion of Road Works Through Doli Yatra

Lilu Dhruw
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Tribal Villagers Seek Completion of Road Works Through Doli Yatra

In a show of unity and determination, inhabitants of nine tribal hilltop villages embarked on a four-kilometer Doli Yatra on Sunday, advocating for the completion of a 22-kilometer road that began construction four years ago. The villages, home to around 300 particularly vulnerable tribal groups (PVTGs), are located in the agency area of Visakhapatnam.

The yatra commenced from Jagadalamamidi and concluded at Jedimet, passing through several villages along the way including Chatakamba, Putukutaput, Cheedimettu, Bonur, Thandavalasa, Gaddi Banda, Pantrimamidi, and Nadimvalasa.

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These tribal communities are urging for the immediate resumption of road construction, as the incomplete road poses significant challenges, especially for pregnant women who struggle to access healthcare facilities and basic amenities. Currently, they must travel 20 kilometers via ‘doli’ to reach the Pinni Kota primary health center, and face difficulties in collecting ration rice bags from Anganwadi centers.

The road construction was initiated following the allocation of funds amounting to Rs. 19,06,45,000 under the Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme by the combined Visakha district’s collector Vinay Chand. Despite the issuance of a proceed order (RC. NO.467/BT, CC & WBM/Roads 2019-20) on 27th February 2020, and instructions for the tribal welfare engineering authorities to commence works in 2021, the road remains unfinished.

Madala Somanna, a tribal leader leading the agitation, lamented the situation, recalling how the community previously constructed a road independently, only to see it destroyed during the construction of the new road. He emphasized the urgent need for completion, highlighting the hardships faced by the villagers, including the significant distance they must travel even to exercise their voting rights.

Puttaboina Pottanna, a convener of the Doli Yatra campaign committee, expressed the villagers’ frustration, stating that the road remains incomplete despite four years having passed since its initiation.

Madala Somanna further declared that if the road works are not resumed immediately, the villagers plan to stage a large-scale ‘Doli’ Yatra at the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) office on March 8, underscoring their determination to have their voices heard and their needs addressed by the authorities.

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