Vietnam Praises Andhra Pradesh’s ‘Raitu Bharosa Kendras’ for Changing Farming

Sonali Saha
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A high-level delegation from Vietnam, comprising 14 members led by prominent officials including Provincial Party Committees Chairman Vodin Tin and Jianjia City People’s Council Chairman Vo Pham Xuan Lam, embarked on a three-day visit to India. The delegation’s primary focus lies in understanding and studying the application of cutting-edge technology across various sectors in the country as part of the Indo-Vietnam partnership.

Part of their itinerary involves assessing the reforms and groundbreaking advancements initiated in various sectors within Andhra Pradesh, in line with directives from the central government. The state’s efforts in implementing state-of-the-art technology and welfare programs, especially in agriculture and allied sectors, attracted the attention of the Vietnamese team.

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On a recent visit to the state, Commissioners of Agriculture and Horticulture, Chevuru Harikiran and Sridhar, presented the reforms brought forth by the YS Jagan-led state government over the past four and a half years. Their presentations shed light on the remarkable transformations and outcomes achieved in their respective departments.

The highlight of their visit was to the ‘Raitu Bharosa Kendra’ (RBK) in Vemulavalasa village, Anandapuram mandal, Visakhapatnam district. The delegation toured the RBK and observed the range of services it offers to farmers, which left a significant impression.

Commissioner Harikiran also highlighted that Ethiopia had previously visited Andhra Pradesh to observe RBK’s technology and plans to implement similar programs in their country. The Vietnamese delegation expressed optimism about integrating digital technology at the grassroots level in agricultural priority countries, foreseeing positive outcomes.

Key officials from various departments including Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, and Nature Agriculture actively engaged with the delegation during their visit to the RBK. Li Trang Yen, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Provincial Assembly Committee, lauded the revolutionary changes witnessed in education, medicine, agriculture, and other sectors in Andhra Pradesh. He emphasized the significance of taking digital technology to rural areas, emphasizing its potential for agricultural-dependent nations.

The appreciation and interest shown by the Vietnamese delegation reflect the acclaim garnered by Andhra Pradesh’s innovative approaches, particularly in uplifting agricultural practices through technology-driven initiatives like the RBK. The visit underscores the global acknowledgment of such transformative measures, offering promising insights for future collaborations and advancements in agricultural sectors worldwide.

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