Villagers Protest at Gangavaram Port After Worker’s Alleged Death Due to Pollution

Honey Gupta
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Villagers Protest at Gangavaram Port After Worker's Alleged Death Due to Pollution

In a poignant demonstration for justice, villagers and relatives gathered at the Gangavaram port gate with the body of Apparao, a worker who reportedly died due to stomach ache. The grieving family and community are demanding accountability for the alleged health hazards caused by port pollution in Gangavaram village.

The deceased’s relatives claim that the village is consistently affected by pollution from the port’s activities, particularly related to Orion ore and coal. They assert that this pollution is making villagers ill, and they are pointing fingers at the management of Ganagavaram Port for not taking adequate measures to address the issue.

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One of the key grievances raised by the villagers is the absence of a hospital for both workers and residents. They emphasize that every company in India typically provides medical facilities, yet Adani Gangavaram Port lacks such infrastructure. The absence of a hospital on-site means that workers and their families are left without essential medical services.

“The villagers of Gangavaram provided land for Gangavaram port. The management of Adani Gangavaram port is playing games with our lives. Gangavaram port authorities don’t care how many times we (villagers) have staged dharnas,” allege the villagers, expressing their frustration with the perceived neglect of their well-being.

The protesters are urging the port management to take immediate action by providing medical assistance for the affected villagers and establishing a hospital at the site. Additionally, they are demanding financial assistance for Apparao’s family, underscoring the need for support in the face of this tragic incident.

As the villagers rally for justice and improved living conditions, the incident highlights the pressing concerns of environmental pollution and the importance of corporate responsibility in safeguarding the health and well-being of local communities. The call for action resonates not only for the grieving family but also for the broader community seeking a healthier and more secure living environment.

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