Visakhapatnam Airport Expands Entrance Road to Seven Lanes

Honey Gupta
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Vizag Airport

The authorities at Visakhapatnam International Airport are planning some big improvements worth 20 crores. They want to make it easier for people to get to the airport and create a better experience for travelers.

They will start by making the road leading to the airport wider. Right now, it has three lanes, but they want to expand it to seven lanes. This will help traffic flow more smoothly and make it less crowded.

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They also want to make the area where you wait for your flight more comfortable. They plan to extend the roof, called a canopy, so it covers the parking area as well. This way, you won’t get wet if it’s raining, and you’ll have shade from the sun.

The airport director hopes that these improvements will attract more airlines to operate from the airport. They will start taking bids from contractors in December, and the work will begin in February 2024.

One important thing to note is that some airlines have canceled their night flights at the airport because they’re resurfacing the runway, starting on November 15, 2023.

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