Visakhapatnam Beaches: Battleground for Turtle Survival

Lilu Dhruw
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Visakhapatnam Beaches: Battleground for Turtle Survival

Environmental activists in Visakhapatnam have sounded alarms after three Olive Ridley turtles were discovered dead on RK Beach. This sad event has occurred amidst ongoing dredging and beach nourishment activities along the coast, as well as the presence of trawlers in the sea.

Every year, mother Olive Ridley turtles journey ashore to lay their eggs on the sandy beaches stretching from RK Beach to Bheemili. These areas are particularly attractive to the turtles due to their sloping shores, which are perfect for nesting.

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To support the survival of these turtles, authorities have established five hatcheries along this coastline. Managed by trained personnel from the Visakhapatnam Forest Department, these hatcheries play a crucial role in safeguarding the turtle eggs. Their responsibilities include carefully collecting the eggs laid by the mother turtles, transporting them to the hatcheries, and closely monitoring their development until they hatch. Once hatched, the baby turtles make their way into the sea to begin their journey.

The discovery of the dead turtles highlights the importance of ensuring the safety of these endangered species. Environmentalists are urging for increased vigilance and measures to protect the turtles during their nesting season, especially amidst ongoing human activities along the coastline.

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