Visakhapatnam Fishermen’s Dispute Resolved

Lilu Dhruw
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Visakhapatnam Fishermen's Dispute Resolved

In Visakhapatnam, tensions rose on Friday morning as fishermen attempted to venture into the sea with ring nets, sparking fears of clashes between rival groups. However, police personnel and officials from the AP Fisheries Department swiftly intervened to prevent any confrontation.

This incident harks back to a flare-up in 2022 when clashes between two groups of fishermen resulted in boat burnings both at sea and onshore. Following that incident, Section 144 was imposed, and fishing was banned for a week in August 2022. Thanks to the intervention of Fisheries Minister Seedari Appala Raju and Joint Collector S. Viswanathan, the situation was resolved, and boundaries for fishing in Visakhapatnam were established by a committee headed by Viswanathan.Despite these past efforts to find a resolution, tensions resurfaced when a couple of fishermen from Jalari Endada and Asavanipalem planned to use ring nets for fishing on Friday. The move was strongly opposed by traditional fishermen from Peda Jalaripeta, who feared that allowing ring nets would deplete their fishing grounds.Fisheries Joint Director Shiek Lal Mohammed confirmed that ring net owners were instructed to surrender their equipment by February 15, but none complied with the deadline. As a result, when a few fishermen attempted to use ring nets on Friday, they were promptly stopped and warned against doing so. Mohammed emphasized that ring nets are prohibited under the AP Marine Fisheries Act and Coastal Zone Regulation Act, while nets with mesh sizes of half an inch and above are permitted.Out of the approximately 500 boats across 14 villages along the Vizag coast, only eight had been granted permission to use ring nets, restricted to fishing beyond Sagarnagar until April 15, 2023. The Joint Director issued a stern warning that failure to comply with the ban on ring nets would result in prosecution.The issue, which was thought to have been resolved two years ago, resurfaced due to the actions of a few individuals. However, the swift response from authorities prevented any escalation of tensions, ensuring the safety and interests of all fishermen involved.

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