Visakhapatnam Job Fraud: Ex-CRPF Constable arrested

Lilu Dhruw
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Visakhapatnam Job Fraud: Ex-CRPF Constable arrested

In a shocking turn of events, Hanumanthu Ramesh, a 51-year-old dismissed constable from the CRPF, was apprehended by Pendurthi police on Saturday for allegedly defrauding unemployed youngsters in the Visakhapatnam region. Ramesh, who posed as a sub-inspector of police in Vizag using a fake uniform, promised job opportunities in the Indian Railways to unsuspecting individuals.

Operating under the guise of a law enforcement officer, Ramesh managed to swindle an estimated Rs 3 crore from hopeful job seekers. He lured them with counterfeit appointment letters, claiming he could secure them positions within the railways. Approximately Rs 75 lakh was extracted from 15 victims in Vizag alone through this deceitful scheme.

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The extent of Ramesh’s fraudulent activities became evident as over 60 individuals from various areas fell victim to his ploy. The scam unraveled when the duped youth realized the authenticity of their appointment letters was dubious. Subsequently, they filed a complaint with the Pendurthi police after visiting the railway board in Secunderabad.

During a press conference on Saturday, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) M. Sattibabu disclosed the intricate details of Ramesh’s elaborate scheme. It was revealed that Ramesh had gone to great lengths to gain the trust of locals, including posing as a police officer and even funding the installation of a statue of Goddess Durga in his colony during Dussehra celebrations in 2022.

Ramesh’s arrest serves as a reminder to remain vigilant against fraudulent schemes promising lucrative opportunities. The authorities have urged the public to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of job offers to avoid falling prey to such scams.

The Pendurthi police are conducting further investigations into the matter to apprehend any accomplices and ensure justice for the victims of this elaborate fraud.

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