Visakhapatnam Launches Massive Polio Vaccination Drive

Lilu Dhruw
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Visakhapatnam Launches Massive Polio Vaccination Drive

On Sunday, the Department of Health in Visakhapatnam kicked off a large-scale pulse polio immunization campaign aimed at vaccinating all children under the age of five in the district. This initiative involved the deployment of over 1,000 polio booths, 74 mobile units, and a dedicated team comprising more than 4,200 vaccinators and supervisors stationed across the district.

District Collector A. Mallikarjuna inaugurated the campaign, stressing the crucial role of vaccination in safeguarding the health of young children. He urged parents to take their children, including newborns, to the nearest vaccination center to receive a safe and effective dose, emphasizing the importance of timely immunization.

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Recognizing the challenges faced by parents who are constantly on the move, District Medical and Health Officer P. Jagadeeswara Rao highlighted the availability of transit booths at key locations such as bus stands, railway stations, and airports. These transit booths aim to facilitate access to vaccination services for families on the go, ensuring that no child misses out on essential immunization.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by District Immunization Officer S. Jeevana Rani, district program officers, UPHC medical officers, health educators, and representatives from various departments. Their presence underscored the collaborative effort and commitment of multiple stakeholders toward ensuring the success of the pulse polio immunization drive.

With the collective efforts of health authorities, dedicated vaccinators, and supportive community participation, the pulse polio campaign in Visakhapatnam is poised to make a significant impact in protecting the health and well-being of children under five against the threat of polio.

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