Visakhapatnam Police successfully solved the mysterious death of a police constable and arrested his wife and her boyfriend

Sonali Saha
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Visakhapatnam Police successfully solved the mysterious death of a police constable named B Ramesh staying in MVP colony and found that the former’s wife (Shivani) is the reason behind his death as she is having an extra-marital affair with a local driver named Ramarao. The constable was a 39 years man.

Visakhapatnam Police successfully unraveled the mysterious death of a constable and arrested his wife and her paramour

This incident happened when Ramesh was found dead on Tuesday morning when police got the news and went to investigate the death and asked her wife, the wife claimed that the man died due to a sudden heart attack due to excessive drinking. When police asked the former’s parents they said he doesn’t have any health issues and also said he and his wife used to argue for some reasons and their relationship was not going well enough.

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Then the police came out with further investigation by sending the dead body for investigation and found that the reason for the death was not a heart attack but breathlessness and suffocation. When police asked Shivani continuously about the fact then she stated that she, her boyfriend-Ramarao and their friend Neela killed him by pressing his mouth with pillow.

Police stated that Shivani had a Physical relationship with Ramarao and when many local people got to know about their relationship they started spreading it. This news started spreading when Ramarao started coming often to her home when her husband used to not be there, when her husband got to know about this, he directly said his wife Shivani to vacate the house and stay with Ramarao and they got into an argument with the custody of their child.

After that incident, Shivani got a plan along with her boyfriend to kill her husband so that night she made her husband drink much more alcohol, Neela pressed a pillow against Ramesh while Shivani held his legs and Ramarao stood outside of the gate as a guard.

Shivani also planned to ask for access to government benefits after her husband’s death as he was a police constable. They shifted from Bheemili to MVP colony. They were married for 11 years and has two children.

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