Visakhapatnam Port Authority Achieves Record-breaking Train Interchange in January 2024

Sonali Saha
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In a remarkable accomplishment, the Visakhapatnam Port Authority (VPA) has set a new record for the highest-ever interchange of trains in the month of January 2024. The port facilitated a total of 1,299 trains, surpassing the previous best of 1,250 trains achieved in July 2016. This milestone was shared by VPA on its official Twitter handle, @vptIndia, and highlights the port’s commitment to operational efficiency and excellence.

The impressive interchange of trains in January 2024 comprised 650 inward trains and 649 outward trains, showcasing a balanced and efficient flow of goods to and from the port. This accomplishment is a testament to VPA’s dedication to optimizing transportation logistics and enhancing the overall efficiency of its operations.

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The record-breaking achievement was acknowledged by the Ministry of Shipping and Waterways, with the information being shared by @shipmin_india. The accomplishment underscores VPA’s role as a key contributor to the nation’s trade and commerce, facilitating smooth and efficient transportation of goods through its port.

This significant feat positions Visakhapatnam Port Authority as a leader in managing train interchanges, ensuring a seamless and robust transportation network for businesses and industries connected to the port. The increased number of trains in and out of the port signifies not only the growth in trade activities but also the port’s commitment to meeting the demands of a dynamic and evolving logistics landscape.

As VPA continues to set new benchmarks in operational efficiency, this achievement contributes to the port’s reputation as a strategic hub for trade and commerce in the region. The record-breaking interchange of trains in January 2024 is a moment of pride for Visakhapatnam Port Authority, reflecting its continuous efforts to enhance and streamline port operations for the benefit of businesses and the economy at large.

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