Visakhapatnam Port Authority Boosts Tourism at the Gateway Hotel Event by Keeping Promotional Stalls

Sonali Saha
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Visakhapatnam Port Authority (VPA) has taken a proactive step in promoting tourism by setting up a Business Promotion Stall at Hotel The Gateway Hotel in Visakhapatnam. The event, organized as part of a Tourism Fair, has attracted Cruise Ship Operators, Tourism Authorities, Travellers Associations, and Tours & Travel Operators from across India.

The Business Promotion Stall by VPA is strategically positioned to showcase the potential of Visakhapatnam as a tourism hub, particularly emphasizing the newly established Vizag International Cruise Terminal. The fair serves as a platform for fostering collaboration between cruise operators, tourism organizations, and government bodies.

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The presence of Cruise Ship Operators, Tourism Authorities, and Travel Operators from various corners of India at the Tourism Fair signifies a significant opportunity for VPA to highlight the unique offerings of Visakhapatnam and the potential for maritime tourism in the region.

VPA expresses confidence that the fair will not only boost the tourism sector but also play a pivotal role in promoting the recently established Vizag International Cruise Terminal. This terminal is expected to become a key gateway for cruise travelers, further enhancing Visakhapatnam’s status as a prominent tourist destination.

The strategic location of the Business Promotion Stall at Hotel The Gateway Hotel aligns with the city’s commitment to promoting tourism and enhancing its visibility on the national tourism map. The participation of VPA in this event, supported by the Ministry of Shipping and Waterways (@shipmin_india) and Travel & Tourism Fair (@TTFIndia), reinforces the collaborative efforts to tap into the vast potential of maritime tourism in Visakhapatnam.

As the Tourism Fair unfolds, the city anticipates positive outcomes for its tourism sector, driven by the active involvement of VPA in showcasing the diverse attractions and opportunities that Visakhapatnam holds for travelers and cruise enthusiasts alike.

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