Visakhapatnam Set for Major Metro Transformation: Cabinet Greenlights Light Metro Project

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Visakhapatnam Set for Major Metro Transformation: Cabinet Greenlights Light Metro Project

In a significant move to enhance public transportation and pave the way for the city’s development, the state cabinet has given its nod to the comprehensive Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the Visakhapatnam Light Metro. The ambitious project, spanning 76.90 km, aims to modernize the city’s transport infrastructure and compete with tier 1 cities.

The approved DPR outlines the construction of the light metro in two phases, with the first phase covering 46.23 km and consisting of three corridors housing a total of 42 metro stations. The estimated cost for this initial phase is Rs. 9,699 crores. The subsequent phase, Corridor-4, spanning 30.67 km with 12 stations, is projected to cost Rs. 4,610 crores.

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The metro project is expected to kickstart with the first train operational within three years of commencing construction. Furthermore, the state government has simultaneously decided to initiate the modern tram project, although the associated DPR is pending approval. The Andhra Pradesh Metrorail Corporation officials are diligently working on preparing the Light Metro DPR for submission to the Central Government.

Addressing the pressing needs of a burgeoning city with a population exceeding 25 lakh, the Visakhapatnam Light Metro is seen as a critical solution to alleviate traffic congestion and save time for commuters. The suburbs, included in the metro proposals, are home to an additional 41 lakhs. The government’s commitment to the project underscores a focus on enhancing future transport facilities, irrespective of financial gains or losses.

Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy, leading the cabinet meeting, expressed support for the light metro, citing a 20% reduction in construction costs and a 15% decrease in annual maintenance compared to heavy metro alternatives. The state envisions completing the entire 76.90 km light metro project within eight years.

The Visakhapatnam Metro Project will be executed under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode, with the total cost estimated at Rs. 14,309 crores. The central government and the state government will contribute 20% each, amounting to Rs. 2,861.8 crores, while the remaining Rs. 8,585.4 crores will be invested by the winning private company. The winning bidder is tasked with completing the project within eight years and ensuring metro facilities are available to passengers on the first route within three years.

Highlighting the specific corridors planned for construction:

  1. Steelplant Gate – Kommadi Junction: 34.40 km with 29 stations.
  2. Gurdwara to Old Post Office: 5.07 km with 6 stations.
  3. Chinwaltheru from palm trees: 6.75 km with 7 stations.
  4. Kommadi to Bhogapuram Airport: 30.67 km with 12 stations.

With the cabinet approval in place, the government orders related to the light metro project are expected to be released in the coming days. The focus is on fast-tracking the project to cater to the growing needs of Visakhapatnam and its suburbs, ensuring a seamless and efficient transportation system for years to come.

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