Visakhapatnam Task Force’s Surprise Raids on Spas and Massage Centers

Honey Gupta
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Visakhapatnam Task Force's Surprise Raids on Spas and Massage Centers

On Sunday night, the task force unit of the Visakhapatnam City Police conducted surprise inspections at 21 spas and massage centers in the city. They found that many of these places were not following the rules set by the Shops and Establishments Act.

The police discovered that these spa owners were running their businesses without keeping proper records of visitors or issuing employee identification cards, which is against the rules. This means they were not keeping track of who was coming and going and who was working there.

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Another major issue was that these establishments did not have the necessary permissions to operate. In other words, they were operating without the required licenses or approvals from the authorities.

Even more concerning, some of these places were providing unauthorized services, such as cross-gender massages behind closed doors. This kind of service was not allowed under the law.

In summary, the surprise raids by the Visakhapatnam City Police revealed that these spas and massage centers were flouting various regulations related to their operations, which led to concerns about illegal activities taking place in these establishments.

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