Visakhapatnam’s History Comes Alive at Museum

Lilu Dhruw
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Visakhapatnam's History Comes Alive at Museum

The Visakha Museum in Visakhapatnam has recently undergone modernization works and reopened its doors to the public during Milan 2024. Efforts are now underway to enrich the museum experience by displaying paintings that depict the vibrant history of Visakhapatnam.

Commissioner of the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC), C.M. Saikanth Verma, is personally involved in discussions with local historians and renowned painters to ensure the museum’s historical narrative is accurately portrayed.

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The initiative gained momentum when District Collector Dr. A. Mallikarjuna, Joint Collector Mayur Ashok, and Commissioner Saikanth Verma visited the museum. Accompanying them was passionate historian Edward Paul, known for his dedication to uncovering Visakhapatnam’s rich history spanning centuries.

During their visit, the collector and joint collector offered suggestions to museum curator Venkataramana regarding the placement of displays. Additionally, they praised the efforts of artists Preethi Sangeeta and P.V Hanumantu from the Vizag Sketchers team, whose sketches are already on display at the museum.

The museum is set to showcase historical paintings alongside the existing artworks, including the 20 sketches contributed by the Vizag Sketchers team. These paintings will serve as a visual journey through the city’s past, offering visitors a deeper understanding and appreciation of Visakhapatnam’s cultural heritage.

The collaborative efforts between local historians, artists, and government officials underscore the community’s commitment to preserving and celebrating Visakhapatnam’s history. Through these initiatives, the Visakha Museum aims to provide visitors with an engaging and informative experience, highlighting the city’s rich and diverse heritage.

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