Vishakhapatnam’s Tribal Villages Demand Better Road Connectivity

Lilu Dhruw
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Vishakhapatnam's Tribal Villages Demand Better Road Connectivity

Tribal groups from three villages in the hilly areas of Arla panchayat in Anakapalli district, Andhra Pradesh, held a protest march called a ‘Doli’ protest. They belong to the particularly vulnerable tribal groups (PVTGs) and face difficulties because there are no roads to their villages. This means they have to carry pregnant women and infants on makeshift beds called Dolis for long distances to reach a health facility. They were promised roads by politicians in 2022 but nothing has been done since then, so they are protesting. They demanded basic facilities like roads, drinking water, electricity, healthcare centers, and protection as per the constitution. They feel let down because even though promises were made by politicians, nothing has been done, and their situation hasn’t improved.

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