Vizag Gold Rate Today 21/08/2023

Honey Gupta
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Gold has been a symbol of wealth and value for centuries, captivating the hearts of both investors and jewelry enthusiasts alike. The allure of gold isn’t just in its aesthetic appeal but also in its market value, which can vary depending on its purity (karat) and weight.

Understanding Karats and Purity

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Before we delve into the rates, it’s essential to understand the concept of karats. Karats indicate the purity of gold, with 24K being the purest form. However, it’s often mixed with other metals to enhance durability and change its properties. This is why you find variations like 22K and 18K gold. While 22K gold contains 91.67% pure gold and 8.33% other metals, 18K gold contains 75% pure gold and 25% other metals.

Comparing Rates

Let’s take a closer look at the rates for different quantities of gold in these three purity levels:

  • 10g:
    • 22K Gold Rate: ₹54,550.00
    • 18K Gold Rate: ₹44,630.00
    • 24K Gold Rate: ₹57,280.00
  • 8g:
    • 22K Gold Rate: ₹43,640.00
    • 18K Gold Rate: ₹35,704.00
    • 24K Gold Rate: ₹45,824.00
  • 4g:
    • 22K Gold Rate: ₹21,820.00
    • 18K Gold Rate: ₹17,852.00
    • 24K Gold Rate: ₹22,912.00
  • 2g:
    • 22K Gold Rate: ₹10,910.00
    • 18K Gold Rate: ₹8,926.00
    • 24K Gold Rate: ₹11,456.00
  • 1g:
    • 22K Gold Rate: ₹5,455.00
    • 18K Gold Rate: ₹4,463.00
    • 24K Gold Rate: ₹5,728.00

What the Numbers Reveal

These rates paint an interesting picture. While 24K gold often comes with the highest price tag due to its purity, 18K and 22K gold offer more affordable alternatives that maintain a balance between value and durability. For investors, these variations provide a spectrum of options to diversify their portfolios, and for jewelry enthusiasts, they offer flexibility in terms of design and budget.

Factors Influencing Rates

Several factors influence gold rates, including global economic trends, geopolitical events, and supply and demand dynamics. Understanding these factors can help individuals make informed decisions when it comes to buying or investing in gold.

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