Vizag Police Crack Down on Ganja and Other Illegal Activities for a Safer City

Sonali Saha
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Visakhapatnam, January 18, 2024: In a determined effort to ensure the safety of residents, Ravi Shankar IPS, the Commissioner of Police in Vizag, initiated a series of raids on January 18, 2024. The crackdown targeted various illegal activities, including gambling, liquor offenses, drug-related cases, cockfighting, town nuisances, and public alcohol consumption.

At the Kancherapalem Police Station jurisdiction, a case was registered under the Gaming Act, resulting in the arrest of six individuals. The police seized a cash amount of 13,120 during the operation. Thirteen cases were registered under the Town Nuisances Act across different zones in the city.

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Focusing on curbing ganja transportation, the police, in collaboration with Excise officials, conducted raids on suspected distribution points. These operations included thorough checks of suspected areas, godowns, and shops.

In regions outside the city, 28 cases were registered against those involved in alcohol consumption and distribution, leading to public disturbances. Within Vizag, 87 cases of drunk driving were recorded, and 1,946 cases were registered against violations of Motor Vehicles Act regulations.

The police are proactively using the Disha SOS app to raise awareness about safety and emergency reporting among women, students, and the general public. The force is diligently monitoring and enforcing traffic rules, conducting visible policing on beaches, and ensuring traffic safety on busy roads.

Female police officers are actively educating residents about cybercrimes, loan apps, OTP frauds, and other scams to prevent unsuspecting individuals from falling victim. The public is encouraged to report any suspicious or illicit activities in their areas to the police through WhatsApp at 9493336633 or the Police Help Line 112.

This comprehensive approach by the Vizag Police aims to create a safer and more secure environment for the residents, emphasizing community involvement and awareness in the fight against unlawful activities.

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